Programma's maken: stop met tijd verspillen aan details

When creating my first test program back in November 2019, one of the mistakes I made was a) not getting enough feedback from the market (as in: is there an actual demand for my product?) and b) wasting too much time on making it perfect.

There's this saying in business and shipping products: "if you aren't ashamed of your first version, you waited too long".

It's easy to spend too much time on every single detail. In most cases, it's a bad call. Take my current program for instance. There's a bunch of "jump shots" (shots that jump from one scene to the next). Essentially to bridge gaps and keep the flow going.

In my personal preference: I would want less. An easy solution is to add overlay pictures so you don't see the "jump shots" as often, but instead.. use those pictures strategically.

The problem? It's take a LOT of effort to do this. And I could do this. But why? I can and probably will do this at a later point, especially once the first version of the program has been...

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Dagboek: blijven gaan wanneer het moeilijk wordt

Sometimes I feel like.. I’m doing the wrong thing. Sometimes I feel like the entire world is weighing on my shoulders and I just cannot seem to figure out how to get things moving.

It’s been a long journey. It’s been exhausting. Seriously. It has been crazy exhausting. I constantly have to make adjustments. It’s a never ending process of learning.. getting better and making changes wherever and whenever.

It is not easy. It’s anything but easy. Yet.. it’s.. well. What’s the alternative? Not do anything? Just be? Just live? I refuse to accept that fate. I refuse to settle for less. That doesn’t mean I’m not content with what I have, it just means that I want to try and live up to my full potential. Whatever full potential might mean

My thoughts and opinions have changed much over the last few months. Obviously, as I’m changing as a person. And I’m getting a different take on life.


At the same time,...

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