Dagboek: blijven gaan wanneer het moeilijk wordt

Sometimes I feel like.. I’m doing the wrong thing. Sometimes I feel like the entire world is weighing on my shoulders and I just cannot seem to figure out how to get things moving.

It’s been a long journey. It’s been exhausting. Seriously. It has been crazy exhausting. I constantly have to make adjustments. It’s a never ending process of learning.. getting better and making changes wherever and whenever.

It is not easy. It’s anything but easy. Yet.. it’s.. well. What’s the alternative? Not do anything? Just be? Just live? I refuse to accept that fate. I refuse to settle for less. That doesn’t mean I’m not content with what I have, it just means that I want to try and live up to my full potential. Whatever full potential might mean

My thoughts and opinions have changed much over the last few months. Obviously, as I’m changing as a person. And I’m getting a different take on life.


At the same time, I’m considering putting these thoughts out there once more. I think it would be possible, I just don’t want to give myself more to do, you know? I don’t want to add to my plate. And I guess my audience is still too small for it to matter.

Not that I’m writing this for anyone else. I’m doing it for me. It gives me clarity. It allows me to see things in a different way. It makes me unburden myself.

I just believe that maybe me putting it out there.. might help someone? But if I then don’t have an audience and I’m writing in English.. why go through the hassle, give myself extra work to put it out there if no one cares anyway? I guess I’ll start putting all this online once.. unsure. At some point.

Maybe when I set up a website for “moneymaking” blog posts. Then I could add a section for “Kevin’s diary”. (: Actually, why not just add a section to the website I have? Might as well do that, right?


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