Programma's maken: stop met tijd verspillen aan details

When creating my first test program back in November 2019, one of the mistakes I made was a) not getting enough feedback from the market (as in: is there an actual demand for my product?) and b) wasting too much time on making it perfect.

There's this saying in business and shipping products: "if you aren't ashamed of your first version, you waited too long".

It's easy to spend too much time on every single detail. In most cases, it's a bad call. Take my current program for instance. There's a bunch of "jump shots" (shots that jump from one scene to the next). Essentially to bridge gaps and keep the flow going.

In my personal preference: I would want less. An easy solution is to add overlay pictures so you don't see the "jump shots" as often, but instead.. use those pictures strategically.

The problem? It's take a LOT of effort to do this. And I could do this. But why? I can and probably will do this at a later point, especially once the first version of the program has been...

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